Von Mizener Consulting employs the latest recruiting and sourcing techniques. I do not rely only on advertising or databases to find candidates, but rather employ networking and direct recruiting techniques to find only the best candidates. These include “passive” candidates who are not actively looking for a new position but are open to considering a better opportunity. My success has been built by combining old school recruiting with updated and unique tools and techniques. This sets me apart from other search firms and it is the foundation of my success. My clients consistently report the utmost levels of satisfaction with my services.



Von Mizener Consulting takes a proactive approach to filling job requisitions.

I don't simply post on job boards and then review resumes as they come in. I have found this approach to be passive and inefficient. I have found that the best candidates are discovered through an eclectic approach combining direct and creative sourcing including but not limited to: database searches, referrals, cold calling, indirect cold calling, external media, and internet searches.  I employ intensive pre-screening (i.e., managerial reference checks, peer reference checks) and a thorough in-house interviewing process. I also provide companies with an extended network and industry database to help source key hires. The end result is a thoroughly researched and filtered list of qualified prospective candidates pooled almost exclusively from cold calling.

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